CardMaker announces new collaboration through NeoWorld’s NEST Program

CardMaker and NeoWorld have announced a collaborative agreement.


The NEO blockchain has been making waves in Asia in terms of blockchain game development.

Among them, a number of the winners of its recent competition have jointly announced they’re collaborating.

These include NeoWorld and CardMaker, which will be working together in the former’s NEST program.

The collaborative agreement will see CardMaker working with NEOWorld in its NEST Eco-Incubation program. This will allow for the further development of more games on the NEO blockchain.

The NEST program also offers developers interested in using the NEO blockchain ready access to support for publishing and marketing.

CardMaker’s success

Being the winner of both the Best Game and Most Popular Awards during the NEO Blockchain Competition. The game will be officially launched on the BlaCat Platform, which was also a competitor in the contest as a gaming platform.

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