Exoplanets launches its beta

Exoplanets is setting players off on an adventures of mining and exploration

Exoplanets has officially announced the release of its beta, made possible with the integration of its alpha multiplayer. The beta operates as a competition between players, extracting as many resources as possible before they’re depleted.

Once players have obtained these resources, players can then process and turn these materials into ERC20 tokens. These races restart every 8 hours, with previously exhausted resources being refreshed in that time. The more successful players will be the ones that are quick to launch their ship after this restart.

Exoplanets mining competition

Along with the release of its beta, Exoplanets has announced the beginning of its mining contest.

Running from January 1st to 14th, the number of resources available will increase, while the refresh time will only last an hour.

It’s within this stretch of time that players can earn exotokens as well as Ether-based prizes depending on how successful they are.

To find out more about the game and the mining competition, visit the website.

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