BlaCat announces new collaboration with CryptoTower

CryptoTower itself places a lot of emphasis on contracts, it seems.

2019 sees the NEO-based gaming platform BlaCat taking on its own resolution to become NEO’s biggest platform and SDK provider. While 2018 has already seen the platform gaining traction, securing collaborations with Cardmaker and NEOGirl.

The latest addition to this still growing list is CryptoTower, a hybrid tower defense game that leverages the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptoTower puts a great deal of emphasis on smart contracts, confronting players with three of them from the outset.

Whichever contract players land on, a percentage goes to their home ‘tower’, with each contract providing dividends.

These contracts also provide heroes which can be used to occupy new floors and expand on any prospective returns of ETH.

Find out more about CryptoTower by visiting the website.

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