Blockade Games reveals campaign mode for Plasma Bears

Adventuring and Campaigning sounds a little unusual for these bears, but watch them go.

While the introduction of Plasma Bears has been concealed somewhat by Blockade Games, that may be a good thing. So with details coming out in small quantities, we get a good look at its campaign mode this week for players to try out.

It’s not a simple name drop that Neon District uses here; upon registering within the game, users get a free bear as a starter.

This might be due to the fact that he’s named ‘Beeeeeeees!’

These operate as fully customizable digital assets, allowing users to change limbs to mix & match for different attributes.

In doing so, these Bears will have a higher chance of success during more challenging campaigns, especially from those that have strength, agility, or, as evidenced by my avatar – despair.

These campaigns give users the chance to win new and potentially rare loot in the form of new pieces for your bears.

For more information about this campaign feature, and Plasma Bears, visit the website.

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