CryptoFights nears 2,000 items sold as pre-sale continues

Nearly $50,000 has been raised in the pre-sale so far

CryptoFights’ item pre-sale has been proving highly successful thanks to a highly active user-base. Since beginning its sale in early December, the company is currently nearing 2,000 chests sold.

To put that in perspective, with each chest selling to players for $25 each, CryptoFights has raised nearly $50,000. This ongoing success will be going towards continued development of the game.

One of the ways that the game’s developers have managed to encourage players to get involved is through its exclusive items. Whenever a specific milestone is reached by users, a new and rarer item is unlocked. Upon time of writing, 18 chests stand between players and some of the rarest class of items in-game.

To find out more about this chest sale, visit the website.

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