Blankos will be hosting SXSW Gaming Opening Party

Blankos is capitalizing the P in Party

Mythical Games

It wouldn’t be a gaming conference without a good opening party, and that is what Mythical Games will provide. According to the team, Blankos Block Party will be officially hosting the gaming opening party for SXSW.

Taking place across three days in Austin, Texas, the opening party will be taking place on Friday March 15th. For those fortunate enough to be attending, including being the very first to try out the game.

Along with being some of its first players, Blankos will be offering a range of exclusives in giveaways throughout the day. It also includes a range of collectibles character skins like JPK and Dan Lish, and even the one of a kind Golden Blanko.

Attendees will also receive limited edition blankos card decks which will be redeemable before the official release of the game.

“Blankos Block Party blends everything we love about collecting,” explains Jamie Jackson, the Chief Creative Officer of Mythical Games and Blankos.

“Uniquely fun characters, and customizing your own world of parties. We can’t wait for them to be released into the wild at SXSW Gaming!”

Find out more about the SXSW Gaming event by visiting the website.

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