8 Circuit Studios reviews pre-alpha and announces upcoming open-alpha

Project Genesis has been enjoyed by a range of ambassadors during the pre-alpha playtest.

8 Circuit Studios has officially concluded the first of its range of tests for its game – Project Genesis. The Ambassador playtest has allowed the development team to identify some improvements that can be made ahead of its pre-alpha.

Terry Hammer, one of the producers of Project Genesis, highlights the importance of the playtest.

“This early testing has allowed us to refine our onboarding experience as we look ahead to our Open Alpha later this year,” Hammer continues.

“These benefits include network stress testing, pipeline process improvements, and strategies for a compilation of feedback for the fastest implementation in-game.”

What this initial playtest will allow for the development of the open pre-alpha which is set to begin in late-March.

With the opening up of the pre-alpha, the development team hopes that this will allow them to further improve the experience for players going forward.

“Specific feedback has allowed us to focus development into the areas of the game where they will have the highest return of value to players in the short and long term,” Hammer comments.

“We look forward to future feedback in order to fine tune internal resources for the biggest benefit to Project Genesis players.”

Check out the Ambassador Playtest right here.


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