8 Circuit Studios showcases character designs for Project Genesis

Project Genesis has never looked so ‘Jung’

There’s a painstaking amount of attention that goes into game design.

From storyboards to digitally rendered assets, to the concept art that makes up the foundations. This week sees the development studio – 8 Circuit Studios – showcasing some of its work. In the run up to its upcoming title, Project Genesis, the team revealed the character concept art going into the title.

These concepts were originally designed by the freelance artist – Alex Pascenko and demonstrate a psychological / cyberpunk aesthetic. According to the team, the psychological element plays into it highly in terms of visuals.

“These characters pay homage the psychologist Jung’s archetype descriptions – can you tell which ones are represented?”

President of 8 Circuit Studios, James Mayo, explains that a character is a window through which we see ourselves – the player.

“Characters and avatars are how players express themselves in games,” Mayo continues.

“We believe that by first focusing on what gamers typically care about most, like digital representations of themselves, we can offer the greatest meaning to the player, and that will result in the greatest value as a blockchain-based asset.”

For more information about Project Genesis and 8 Circuit Studios, visit the website.



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