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Get re-acquainted with blockchain gaming this week with the biggest stories

2019’s first month seems to be all about hitting the ground running for developers of all kinds. As well as some of the big stories of the week, we’re excitedly counting down until Blockchain Gamer Connects.

The event represents the debut of Blockchain in London after successful introductions in San Francisco and Helsinki. For more information about what’s in store during the event, visit the website!

But, without further ado, here are some of the top stories from the week.

1) Age of Rust introduces its new gameplay trailer

While it’s been in development for some time, Age of Rust has steadily been building up.

2) Xaya teases new Unreal Engine ‘Project X’ strategy game

Blockchain gaming platform Xaya has teased screenshots of a new game it has in development.

3) League of Legends officially integrated into Refereum

League of legends

League of Legends has become the latest game to integrate into the Livestream rewards platform – Refereum.

4) Cocos-BCX has officially launched its testnet to over 1.3 million developers

Out of all the engines leveraged for game development in Asia, Cocos is one of the most widely applied. According to market share, it is the second most used throughout the continent.

5) Why Gumi Cryptos is still bullish about investing in blockchain games

Japanese mobile game publisher Gumi is nothing if not forward-looking.

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