Age of Rust introduces its new gameplay trailer

Age of Rust gives the community a long glimpse at the game

While it’s been in development for some time, Age of Rust has steadily been building up.

Over late 2018, we’ve been seeing more visuals from within the game. And now, with January, the team has officially revealed its first in-game trailer.

While there have been glimpses at the various environments during production. The trailer takes the time to really demonstrate how Space Pirate Studios is leveraging the Unreal Engine.

Between both the integration of the ERC1155 protocol and its own interoperability with Blockade Games’ Neon District, there’s a large scope for item and token fluidity alluded to in this trailer.

Take a look for yourself right here.

Age of Rust’s partnership with Enjin has also extended to its native token. Having announced that a full migration of Rustbits to Enjin’s ERC1155 was completed in late-2018. Meaning that Rustbits earned within the game can be put to use in any number of games within the Enjin multiverse.

For more information, visit the Age of Rust website.

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