Enjin launches revamped Spark Program

Pioneering blockchain gaming platform Enjin is relaunching its Spark Program, with improved features and benefits for developers choosing to build on its ecosystem.

When initially launched in 2019, the Spark Program onboarded 125 games, including titles such as Lost Relics, The Six Dragons, and Kingdom Karnage. With the revamped version, Enjin aims to attract a new set of developers by offering benefits including: 

  • 200,000 free transactions for top developers,
  • A grant of 10,000 Enjin Beam Credits, allowing developers to use Enjin Beam QR codes for free transfers,
  • Verified Enjin adopters will be featured on NFT.io, in addition to having their collections promoted by Enjin, 
  • Priority access to Slack, giving developers direct Connection to Enjin’s developers and contributors.
  • Marketing support, and more.

“Together with Enjin’s robust web3 gaming technology stack, we are confident the Spark Program will attract a new wave of developers, fostering growth in the Enjin Ecosystem. The feedback from the program’s early adopters is inspiring, and we’re excited to open to door for new members of the ecosystem,” commented one of Enjin’s core contributors Atlas Development Services’ Chief Operating Officer Rene Stefancic.

“The Spark program has been instrumental for Etherscape. Feedback from these web3 veterans has refined our core systems like governance,” said Etherscape founder Sam Bayless, an early adopter of the new program. He added, “their marketing support helped us find a core group of alpha players crucial for refining our design throughout alpha.”

Developers interested in learning more about the Spark Program can find the doc here, and register to join via Enjin’s portal.

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