DECIMATED, the upcoming blockchain-based sandbox RPG, is now listed on Epic Games Store

After initially starting development in 2018, Fracture Labs is celebrating a big milestone for its upcoming sandbox RPG, DECIMATED, with the game now officially listed on the Epic Games Store.

The blockchain-based title offers thrilling PvP and PvE encounters as you fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland amidst mutant creatures and environmental hazards. Players will be challenged to fend off bio-entities while scavenging essential supplies across an epic sized world map, with the choice of going it alone or teaming up with other players.

DECIMATED is built using the Unreal engine and is designed to deliver the most immersive playing experience the state of the art graphics engine can provide. The scope and ambition of the project won its developers an Epic Mega Grant, backed by 46 investors, in December 2021, and has seen the project build a community of over 60,000 followers on Twitter/X and 23,000 members on Discord.

The game’s economic gameplay will also take a revolutionary turn by integrating the DIO token, via the Solana blockchain, and will feature interoperability between all of Fracture Labs’ future titles. This innovation creates a real-time digital economy within DECIMATED, where every in-game decision made by the player offers real-world economic consequences on the Solana blockchain.

In a recent Twitter/X announcement, Fracture Labs also confirmed DECMIATED’s official sponsorship of the premier token event, Token2049 Dubai, underscoring its commitment to the innovation of blockchain and the burgeoning digital economy.

For more updates on DECIMATED development, you can follow the official website and Discord to learn

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