Top trending – biggest stories in blockchain gaming

Check out some of the top trending stories from last week!

It’s been a really exciting time for the blockchain gaming world this week. For starters, the development team behind Gods Unchained, Fuel Games, has since gone through a brand overhaul. In addition, it’s brought on a former Magic: The Gathering games director to take its blockchain esports title even further.

With the beginning of a new month, we’re certainly set to see some more interesting developments. Without delay, however. Let’s get into the big stories from last week!

1) OpenSea partners with Sky People over initial item sale for anticipated RPG Five Stars

Following recent deals with blockchain games such as F1 Delta Time, NFT marketplace OpenSea has announced it will be hosting the initial item sale for another anticipated title.

2) Blockchain Cuties officially goes live on FOUR blockchains

Blockchain Cuties

The Blockchain Cuties Universe team has plenty to celebrate, it seems. Not only with the ongoing sale related to ‘War of Cutieland,’ but also with the recent introduction and launch of the game on NEO.

Neon District

Blockade Games, more commonly known as the development team behind Neon District, has announced that it will be integrating across chains this week.

4) Top performing dApps – July 2019

Top Performing

Welcome to this months look into the top performing dApps in the world of Ethereum gaming! We’ve seen a couple of brand new additions over the past few months such as Cheeze Wizards and 0xRacers among others.

5) Upland introduces digital currency UPX and its marketplace


It’s been a couple of months since the development team behind Upland introduced some new features. Among them were its digital marketplace and broader digital currency – UPX. These bring with them a greater depth to just how users play the game.

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