What’s in store for UpLand in the future

UpLand has made some impressive progress over the first quarter of this year.

The Upland team has been working hard in order to set its online property game in motion on EOS. With the first six months of its development, the company managed to launch its alpha, beta and onto the EOS Mainnet. While this is an impressive amount of work being done, the team has more planned in late-2019.

Firstly – UPX

With the latter half of 2019, UpLand will be launching its native currency known as UPX.

Serving as the lifeblood of the game’s economy, users will be able to use this token to trade with other users.

Being a property game, UPX can be earned through extracting dividends from the properties a player owns.

Property collections

Taking very direct inspiration from Monopoly, UpLand will be introducing ‘Collections’ of various properties. While these can consist of properties in the same street or very specific kinds of buildings. Users can unlock one-time and long-term bonuses.

“Each Collection will require a fixed number of properties to complete it and to receive that all-important UPX yield boost. As an added bonus, players will also receive a one-time bonus reward for completing any Collection.”

Digital Marketplace

Along with minting its own EOS-backed token to kick-off its in-game economy, UpLand will be bringing together its marketplace too.

This will allow users to trade with one another to bolster your portfolio or sell off assets.

For more information about what the team has planned, check out the post here.

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