A list of all blockchain games in Alpha, Beta and Pre-sale

Check out some of the blockchain games on alpha and beta

What you should be playing, testing and spending on

Nothing is more exciting or more dynamic than the blockchain games market.

Each day throws up new projects, each with their own roadmap in terms of alpha, beta, pre-sale and launch.

Keeping track of all that activity is hard, but that’s what we’re attempting to do in this list, which will be regularly updated, so feel free to let us know if there are games and events we should be adding.

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Battle Racers

Battle Racers (ETH)

Running until 21 June, Battle Racers comes from the Altitude Games team. Consisting of approximately 10,000 chests and even more NFTs, users can use them to create custom racers.

Battle Racers (Pre-sale)

F1 Delta Time (ETH)

Backed by the digital publisher Animoca Brands, F1 Delta Time is the latest racing title to leverage blockchain. With its pre-sale, users will be able to buy a range of vehicle parts to improve vehicle performance on the track.

F1 Delta time (Pre-sale)

Crypto Sword and Magic


Crypto Sword & Magic (EOS)

Built on top of EOS, Crypto Sword & Magic is a new mobile title which gives users the ability to create, train and even loan out their heroes as mercenaries.

Crypto Sword & Magic (Pre-sale)



MegaCryptoPolis (ETH)

This city-builder has been live for over a year now, but next up come its 3D version, which will introduce 3D graphics, as well as a new economic model. You can also order new assets in the 3D pre-sale.

MegaCryptoPolis (Pre-sale)


Space Misfits (ETH)

Space Misfits has kicked off its season one of its pre-sale on 25th May. Including a range of exclusive NFTs, in-game characters, and ship blueprints

Space Misfits (Pre-sale)


Six Dragons

The Six Dragons

Having begun its pre-sale a few weeks ago, The Six Dragons is both one of the newer entrants to the Enjin multiverse, and one of its latest pre-sale titles.

The Six Dragons (Pre-sale)




Decentraland (ETH)

Decentraland’s scene builder and SDK are in their later stages, and are accessible for developers who know what they are doing. For everyone else, we can sign up for details of the Decentraland Avatar creator – under early access.

Decentraland (Beta)


Crypto Spells (ETH)

Trading Card Game Crypto Spells is now undergoing a rolling open beta, meaning players can sign up, buy a range of NFTs and start putting them to use straight away.

Crypto Spells (Beta)



CryptoWars (ETH)

Since the start of 2019, the Experimental team has been hosting a series of week-long tournaments in order to stress test CryptoWars and the Loom Network. Every weekend in June, the team will be hosting tournaments.

CryptoWars (Beta)


Unlimited Tower

Unlimited Tower (EOS)

Since early May, what’s labelled an Early Access of this RPG has been live on the EOS blockchain. It requires an EOS wallet such as Scatter.

Unlimited Tower (Early Access)



Chainmonsters ChainMonsters (ETH)

Having launched its beta back in January 28th, ChainMonsters makes use of a familiar and winning formula demonstrated by collectable adventure games like Pokemon.

ChainMonsters (Beta)

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained (ETH)

The open beta launched on June 10th, although you’ll need to download the Apollo PC client to gain access to this highly anticipated esports TCG.

Gods Unchained (Closed Beta)



SkyWeavers (ETH)

Having recently announced its private beta, Horizon Games, the development team behind SkyWeavers, aims to provide its players with complete sovereignty over the cards they hold in their deck.

SkyWeavers (Private Beta)



9 Lives Arena

9Lives Arena (ETH)

Built on top of the Enjin Multiverse, this PVP combat game will be getting started with its alpha during May. Sign up for more details. You can also check out its blueprint pre-sale here.

9Lives Arena (Alpha)


Project Genesis

Project Genesis (ETH)

8 Circuit Studios has been testing out a pre-alpha version of space combat/FPS Project Genesis for a number of months. Sign up now to get details of when the open Alpha is available.

Project Genesis (Alpha)


crypto space commander

Crypto Space Commander (ETH)

Developed by the Lucid Sight team, Crypto Space Commander has been stress-testing its 0.5 alpha during late 2018. According to the team, the full alpha will be available as of early-Q2, 2019. Sign up for more details.

Crypto Space Commander (Alpha)

Hash Rush

Hash Rush (ETH)

Having previously tested out its game in a closed beta late in 2018, its alpha, while not integrated with the underlying Ethereum blockchain, is still easily accessible.

Hash Rush (Alpha)


Upland (EOS)

Built on top of EOS, Upland is currently in the process of shortlisting users for its upcoming beta. Operating as a property ownership title making use of global positioning, the title provides digital certificates of ownership

Upland (closed beta)

This is a continuously growing list, so if you have any suggestions for games undergoing alpha/beta testing: drop us a message and we’ll add it!

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