Top trending: biggest stories in blockchain gaming

Check out some of the biggest stories from the blockchain gaming world

We mark a brand new month off the calendar last week. And with it, we’ll be taking a deeper look at some of the biggest stories in the blockchain gaming world.

Without further delays, let’s take a look at some of the top news stories.

1) Cheeze Wizards starts selling its ultra-rare Mold Magicians

Cheeze Wizards

While good cheeze takes time to mature, it can get sold in a flash. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Cheeze Wizards, as it shows off it’s ‘Dank Ranks’ of Mold Magicians.

2) DragonGlass has paused operations until ‘better times’


During the Crypto Games Conference last year, we managed to get a good look at what some of the big developers had in store. Among them was the Dragonglass team, which took the stage to showcase its mobile exploration and mining game – DragonFeed.

3) F1 Delta Time components are now on OpenSea

F1 Delta Time

Formula One, much like any sport, is made more impressive by just how much the components cost. It’s no surprise considering they’re far more ‘custom’ than typical racers. For F1 Delta Time, along with its pretty costly auctions, its vehicle parts share that heritage as they arrive on OpenSea.

4) Blockchain Cuties Universe starts off stage two of its pre-sale

Blockchain Cuties Universe

We’ve already seen a considerable amount of detail fleshed out of Blockchain Cuties Universe. Over these past quarters, we’ve seen its entire model transition over to it’s broader plan for creating a strategy title. As a result, the community was introduced to a wide range of new cutiesland mechanics and the wars to come.

5) CryptoKaiju’s CryptoKitties tie-in combines 7.5-inch vinyl toy with blockchain version


Kaiju, for anyone familiar either with the Japanese language or with the ever-increasing library of giant monster films, will know what one of these are. But with CryptoKaiju, these have been shrunk down as highly collectable vinyls.

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