F1 Delta Time components are now on OpenSea

Never has an energy store looked so elegant

Formula One, much like any sport, is made more impressive by just how much the components cost. It’s no surprise considering they’re far more ‘custom’ than typical racers. For F1 Delta Time, along with its pretty costly auctions, its vehicle parts share that heritage as they arrive on OpenSea.

While the digital asset marketplace does consist of a wide array of components that users can chop and change with.

Along with these, you can easily see all three of the previously auctioned F1 cars too.

Among them was the 415 ETH F1 Icebreaker itself: 1-1-1, including the Monaco and France Editions.

It’s from here that we get some of the first glimpses at just how racing and customization will feature. Users will be readily able to buy up fully developed racers, alternatively: buy up a range of components and create their own custom car.

It’s likely that we’re going to see a high number of transactions when the game lands in 2020.

Largely because customization will depend on the track and conditions. Meaning that users will need to chop, change, buy and sell more frequently.

One of the additional pluses from NFTs landing on OpenSea is that we’ve never seen brakes and energy stores look so elegant.

The inclusion of these digital assets has also managed to bring in more than 620.5 ETH in volume. Which effectively translates to $134,000, so not a bad start.

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