Dragonglass joins the Crypto Bundle item sale

The sale allows for the potential to ‘Buy one, play many.’

One of the biggest problems blockchain games face is the ability to raise capital. Whether it’s to support its marketing campaign or get the game off the ground, it provides the single biggest challenges. In particular, Dragonglass, among other developers, have found a possible solution to this – a collaborative item sale.

The Crypto Bundle, as the name suggests, is an item sale where users can purchase items within a bundle from multiple games at once. So far, this consists of the following games:

  • Blockchain Cuties
  • World War Goo
  • Chibi Fighters
  • Ether Kingdoms
  • DragonFeed
  • Dragon Miner

According to the Dragonglass team, the bundle sale will begin on 20th December.

Bundles of Super, Mega, Ultra Fun

Along with the underlying concept, these very same bundles also come in different scales of rarity.

No matter which one a user buys, each one provides assets for each of the games. The only difference is how rare the assets are.

To find out more about the Crypto Bundle sale, visit the website here.

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