NFT series from Rick & Morty creator raises over $15 million

Wubba Lubba Dub-Duuub! Art Gobblers, the NFT collection established by Justin Roiland has made major waves this week. Supported by the Web 3 VC – Paradigm – the collection has successfully brought in 9,600 ETH (or $15 million) in trading volume since their collection was minted on Monday.

Currently, individual pieces are priced at upwards of $17,000 with an impressive royalty rate for long-term NFT holders.

With the goal of being a decentralised art factory, Art Gobblers is a combination of NFTs and its dedicated GOO tokens. The GOO tokens themselves play an interesting role, being used to mint new pieces of art, which is subsequently earned by having a Gobbler NFT.

Boasting over 2,000 NFTs, each of these assets serves as its own on-chain art gallery. Owners of any of these NFTs will be able to digitally ‘digest’ art on the project’s website to expand their own curated collection/s.

Learn more about Gobblers by visiting the website.

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