DragonGlass has paused operations until ‘better times’

Dragonglass’ radio silence these past months start to make sense

During the Crypto Games Conference last year, we managed to get a good look at what some of the big developers had in store. Among them was the Dragonglass team, which took the stage to showcase its mobile exploration and mining game – DragonFeed.

Since January this year, the team has been relatively quiet, partly due to the closure of its ICO. This placed a greater emphasis on delving into alternative avenues for investment. Understandably keeping the team otherwise pre-occupied while also bringing Enjin’s ERC1155 standard to the platform.

The last update was back in May when the team disclosed its changes to the user interface. According to the company CEO, Gleb Skibitsky, the radio silence is down to its need to pause development for some time.

It remains unclear as to when development will be resumed. But with so much time and craft-work going into the platform, hopefully, sooner and not never.

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