Talking blockchain/s with Blockchain Cuties Universe’s Vlad Tomko

Blockchain Cuties has made some big changes over the last year

It would be an understatement to call the last few months ‘busy’ for the Blockchain Cuties Universe team. Building on top of the highly collectable game, the team has since kicked off its larger plan. And that is to build it up to what it intended to be from day one – a strategy game.

War of Cutieland was the (still emerging) result. Since its introduction, more and more of the mechanics have been fleshed out. Ranging from the wide range of blockchain (factions) and specialised cutie types.

We got the chance to speak with Vlad Tomko, the Blockchain Cuties co-founder and CEO, about integrating multiple chains and what the team has in store.

Going across chains

Blockchain Cuties

One of the significant advantages and challenges that Blockchain Cuties has to contend with is integrating across multiple chains.

Over this year, the team has managed to integrate over Ethereum, Tron, EOS and NEO. The latter being the more upcoming in terms of pre-sale and launch.

But with this chain, agnosticism comes the unique matter of balance. But with these chains come the geographical differences between each of them. With blockchains like Tron and NEO being predominantly in Asia as an example.

Affinity and accessibility is the name of the game, according to Tomko.

“A part of our strategy, at some point, is to diversify the hero characters so that they’ll represent heroes from different countries.” Tomko continues.

“So that people who come from Brazil will have [cutie] heroes that they can relate to. This is what we want to try.”

Tomko goes on to explain that this will also include cuties inspired by Chinese folklore, much akin to My Crypto Heroes’ NFTs. The team intends to take it further with unique collection mechanics.

One of the things that guarantee accessibility too is the introduction of credit card payments. While in its nascent stages right now means that it’s “not pretty right now” in the opinion of Tomko “that’s one of our key strategies for improving user acquisition.”

Adding a fiat payment gateway makes a big difference, however. Lucid Sight’s MLB Champions offers this kind of solution as part of its push to mass adoption.

“Blockchain is still scary for newcomers.”

Blockchain Cuties

While user acquisition is k§ey, according to developers like Tomko, and recent research from Greyscale Investments have shown that blockchain and cryptocurrencies still cast an intimidating shadow.

The best way to cast light on this is to enhance the amount of education for the latter and changing the pervasive speculative sentiment.

“90%+ of players of these games have a clearer understanding of crypto. Meaning they’re traders or enthusiasts, and they’ve bypassed the initial friction. But we now have to make this whole thing easier to understand.”

“It’s one of the big friction points, as new players look at games as things that you can big bucks in if you’re playing. And that can come off as a scary thing.”

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