MLB Champions Shows off its mobile app using AppOnBoard

MLB Champions tries out AppOnBoard

AppOnBoard gives players the opportunity to try out the game before its full launch

During the Game Developer Conference, the Lucid Sight team wanted to impress. Specifically, when it comes to MLB Champions, its baseball title which has kicked up publicity from 2018’s season.

While it has encountered some hiccups along the way in launching its mobile title this month. Thanks to the use of AppOnBoard, its presentation during GDC went off without a hitch.

Along with being ready to show for attendees of GDC, using AppOnBoard also allows users to try before they (virtually) buy. Thanks to its initial launch on Google Play.

Speaking to the team directly, Jason Kokal, one of the Lucid Sight developers, illustrated optimism about using the solution.

“AppOnBoard helped is with GDC in terms of showcasing our products in that we were able to get a playable demo presentable for multiple different partners.”

Check out some of the game footage right here.

Try out the game first hand right here.

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