TRON-based Traps kicks off fundraising on SesameSeed, raising 1.1 million TRX so far

Traps is seeing some very initial success

SesameSeed is an interesting approach for developers and users looking to get investors/investing. For the moment, SeedGerminator, the company associated with SesameSeed, has kicked off the fundraising campaign of another title.

One of the previous game titles to seek out funding on the platform was SplinterLands

Having only been a couple of days since the beginning of its crowdfunding, signs are positive so far.

This is according to the host page, which shows that the community has raised over 1.1 million TRX for it thus far.

With the broader goal of reaching a funding goal of 3.3 million TRX ($73,000). Its community has already managed to pitch in 30% of that in a matter of days.

While the game was previously a Tron-based exclusive game, having partnered with Tron Arcade last year. But now, the team wholly intends to take the title across multiple chains in a similar fashion to Splinterlands previously.

For more information about the game, visit the website.

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