Taurion releases open source tech demo

Taurion’s pre-alpha tech demo intends to encourage user innovation on the platform

Coming just after a couple of weeks, the Taurion team has announced the launch of its tech demo. This release, according to the team, is a pre-alpha build, meaning that more mechanics will be added in the coming months.


Some of the attributes of this demo include the following:

  • Complex and fully decentralised MMO
  • Movement inside a decentralised world
  • Basic combat (with health points and shield regeneration)
  • Prospecting
  • Chat system utilizing XID (Xaya ID)

In addition to these mechanics, the team has announced that this same pre-alpha demo build will be going open-source. The aim of doing so is to further ensure members of the eco-system of its transparent nature.

This rings true with Taurion’s inner workings, but also for XAYA‘s framework as a decentralized solution.

But just as is the case with other open-source projects, the Taurion team wants to foster community innovations it seems.

“By opening the code we welcome people to:

  • Contribute to the project
  • Fork the project and make their own game (develop along with us as we add more features)
  • Adjust the gameplay so it’s more suited to their own project
  • Make a Fantasy or Medieval or Modern-day setting/version
  • Whatever they wish
  • Create their own front ends”

Be sure to check out the full demo by visiting the team’s Discord channel here. Alternatively, check out the team’s Github right here.

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