Chain Clash starts up its private beta

Chain Clash has put a special emphasis on opening up the game to interested players looking to put the time in

‘You get out as much as you put in’ is the kind of mantra that games like Chain Clash emphasize. Which makes sense considering the kind of money we invest into NFTs, sometimes under the assumption that they’ll passively get better.

Same rules with the team’s private beta, which is kick-starting this week. Having abandoned its self-imposed ‘stealth mode,’ it’s resolved to putting the game into the hands of a select group of users.

The Chain Clash team has a lot on the cards for 2019, so be sure to check out its community

“[A]t some point during the game development process, it becomes crucial to get feedback and opinions from the outside world. With Chain Clash, we’ve reached this point, which is why we’ve decided to start a closed beta test.”

While other tests tend to open it up to a waiting list of users.

The team was on the look-out for specifically interested players, which makes sense. More passionate followers will be open to testing, tinkering and feeding back what they find.

Overall, the team plans to delve into and solve some of the following:

  • testing the general game concept in terms of appeal and complexity
  • testing the fundamental mechanics regarding balancing
  • testing our UI concept
  • finding ALL the bugs

In addition to this more exclusive beta test. The Chain Clash team has also launched its brand new website. And you can check that out right here. For those looking to take part in the beta, visit the team’s Discord channel here.

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