MixMarvel is the latest to join the Ethereum Community Fund

MixMarvel hopes that joining the ECF will help innovators to get the support they need.

MixMarvel has announced this week that it will be joining the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF). The ECF itself operates as a non-profit fund dedicated to supporting new and innovative developers. This consists of a wide variety of project ideas, according to the website.


“Critical infrastructure and research, developer experience and tooling, open-source development advocacy, educational initiatives, and responsible community growth.”

MixMarvel will officially be joining a community which already consists of Cosmos, OmiseGo, Golem, WEB3 Foundation, MakerDAO and Status.

For MixMarvel, joining the ECF is something of a reciprocal advantage. Providing innovators with a window into the gaming ecosystem. While giving Refereum the opportunity to get some exposure on the international stage.

For more information about the Ethereum Community Fund, visit the website.

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