SesameSeed shows off its revamped website and SEED/TRX/ONT calculator

SesameSeed has been working to really open itself up to a broader blockchain community. We’ve seen this with is collaborations with Ontology and crowdfunding support for SplinterLands and Traps.

More recently, the team has introduced its community to its newly ‘refreshed’ website. Meaning that users will have a more streamlined interface, along with a brand new web app.

This being the on-site calculator that is used to estimate a breakdown of these tokens over days, weeks and months. At the moment, users can choose a breakdown in ONT, SEED and TRX.

TRON Arcade

According to the team:

“Sesameseed represents multiple blockchains through operating a node or other means that support the networks. For its representation, Sesameseed earns rewards in the blockchain’s native coin – TRX on TRON, ONG on Ontology.”

“According to its 80:10:10 reward sharing model, Sesameseed distributes 80% of SEED rewards to its community back in SEED to its community in proportion to their participation, 10% is maintained for funding dapp and technologies via SEEDGerminator, and 10% is reserved for Operating Expenses.”

be sure to check out the calculator right here.

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