TRAPS is the latest game to seek out crowdfunding through SesameSEED

With a desired soft and hard cap of 3.3 to 5 million TRX, TRAPs aims to become a blockchain agnostic solution

Along with the modestly successful case of Splinterlands early this year. The TRON Arcade alumnus TRAPS is the latest to get involved with SEEDGerminator in order to secure new investment capital.

According to the SEEDGerminator team, the TRAPS team have worked with the crowdfunding platform to highlight its soft and hard cap requirements, which are:

Investors looking to take part in the campaign are required to provide a contribution of 500 TRX or more.

TRAPS – Why it’s hunting down new capital

The Traps team has taken the time to plan out the division of funding if it successfully reaches its 5 million TRX hard-cap

While it managed to secure initial funding thanks to the TRON Arcade, TRAPS intends to re-invent itself as a wholly blockchain-agnostic title.

This is according to the team, which also lays out its plans for if it’s successful in reaching the funding hard cap.

“Within roughly 6 months after the end of the listing period, assuming the hardcap has been reached, Traps.One will move to expand its reach into other blockchains, recreating the game for users on other chains — first on Etherzero, then Ontology, and then IOST.”

Be sure to visit the SEEDGerminator website for more details about the TRAPS crowdfund.

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