Blockchain Cuties Universe just got a little CUTE-er

The native currency for Blockchain Cuties is set to get CUTE-er

Along with its newly kicked-off land sale, Blockchain Cuties Universe is trying to raise the profile of its native currency. Considering the kind of new depths that the War in CutieLand provides for players, the team has been adamant about the critical role that CUTE plays.

Blockchain Cuties
Blockchain Cuties’ ongoing sale comes with the future unbridled potential for the CUTE

One of the ways for users to get access to this specific token is through boss fights from raids.

Even then, the challenges for the average newcomer player may prove to be a demoralizing experience for them.

So, the team has since announced its new partnership with CardPay.

What this means is, much akin to in-game currencies from mainstream mobile games.

Blockchain Cuties players can use an affiliated card to directly purchase CUTE to use within the game.

For the most part, this currency only provides users with the ability to purchase digital Cuties from the marketplace. But with the fleshing out of the ongoing land and character sale; 2020 is the year that the team intends to show its many dimensions.

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