Blockchain Cuties Universe Pre-sale is underway – we get to dig more into land mechanics

10 plots of land have already been sold out of the available 64

With the Blockchain Cuties Universe land pre-sale is already underway, players can purchase one of a range of land plots. These vary from small, remote island villages, to sprawling capital cities, with each providing perks to their owners.

While there are plenty of incentives for users to purchase any of these. The Blockchain Cuties Universe team has shone some light on the various classifications of Cuties and land.

Down to earth – land mechanics in Blockchain Cuties

While the team has shown that the larger a plot of land is – the more benefits it provides.

Each of these territories offers users a starting point which is unconquerable, but there’s more to it than this.

For Medium and Big Islands, along with Capital cities – each of these offer reductions to trade taxes, along with boosts to research points, for example.

As the team goes on to explain, once players have established themselves on their land, they can help to enhance their position through following technology trees. These range from new armour and weaponry, to improvements to buildings.

Meanwhile, those with larger land plots can find excavation sites, along with natural resources. With these sites, there’s a chance that players will be able to find rare NFT’s.

Blockchain Cuties at War

Blockchain Cuties

Along with these land mechanics, Blockchain Cuties now includes a range of new classes to its Cuties.

Building up from the previous trio of Scout, Governor and General, classifications now include:

  • Traders – that can provide buffs to trade values or reduce trade-related taxes
  • Soldiers – as the name suggests – they do the fighting on the ground, the better the general, the better they’ll perform.
  • Healers – act as a support class in battles – improving HP through the battle.
  • Settlers – effectively colonists that can be assigned to various tasks within your settlement, with individual stats improving their capability within specific tasks.

Along with these new classes, players can then sent scouts out to find mineral-rich territory, before sending soldiers to seize it.

For more information about the game and its pre-sale, check out the website here.

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