Blockchain Cuties Universe suffers setback in its land pre-sale

Blockchain Cuties Universe land pre-sale had an unfortunate, but minor set-back

While the Blockchain Cuties Universe team only just began its land pre-sale, it’s run into a code-related snag. “Code,” the team concedes, “works in mysterious ways,” especially for TRON Users this week.

Blockchain Cuties

While the pre-sale was available to users on Ethereum, EOS and TRON.

The latter has experienced a number of issue with transactions, affecting some of its in-game assets, as some users can attest to.

More recently, this has impacted on those buying lands through the pre-sale.

While the team has been pretty vague about what happens when users buy these ‘corrupted’ lands. What it seems to entail was related to the way that the code calculated the price. Meaning that users may have been able to snatch up land for a far lower price.

Metrics taken from DappRadar

This could be why there was a tremendous spike in users and transactions over June 15-16th.

That may be why it reached peaks of 158 users and nearly 10k in volume.

Regardless, the Blockchain Cuties Universe team seems to have been pretty fast at addressing the problem.

The team points out that if users were affected by these corrupted lands, they would receive a 150% refund. An added plus at least for these players, meaning they can buy their way back in pretty easily.

Check out the Blockchain Cuties Universe pre-sale right here.

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