Blockchain Cuties officially goes live on FOUR blockchains

The Blockchain Cuties Universe team has plenty to celebrate, it seems. Not only with the ongoing sale related to ‘War of Cutieland,’ but also with the recent introduction and launch of the game on NEO.

There’s certainly reason enough to celebrate this. Blockchain Cuties is actually one of a select few games out there that leverage NEO now.

This integration with NEO actually takes place concurrently with its dedicated (and ongoing) pre-sale. Plus side is that any NFTs bought during this sale can be put to immediate use.

Broadly speaking, the entire game is available to play on NEO as of right now. But the team has laid out some of its objectives in the coming months:

  1. You can start enjoying the game on NEO now.
  2. You can start breeding, adventuring, trading and forming the game’s NEO market
  3. The presale will last for 22 more days.
  4. After the end of the presale Creator will start offering Gen 0s at average market prices
  5. You will experience all the awesome gameplay updates coming to all four blockchains

For more information about the Blockchain Cuties launch on NEO, visit the announcement here.

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