Shrapnel enables direct SHRAP token purchases via its website

Players of PC first-person extraction shooter Shrapnel from Neon Machine can now purchase its SHRAP tokens via credit or debit card payments.

Ahead of the third round of Shrapnel’s playtests, STX3, which runs 16th-18th May, Neon Machine has integrated a new feature that enables players to get SHRAP tokens directly instead of purchasing through an exchange. With the integration of appchain wallet Halliday, players can now convert fiat currency into SHRAP using Moonpay or Stripe, allowing for a smoother gaming experience for players.

Neon Machine CEO Mark Long commented, This is a huge milestone for us. Halliday removes a major web3 point of friction, allowing players to use their credit card like any other free-to-play game. It will be easier than ever for our community to engage with Shrapnel’s creator ecosystem – and truly own their assets and creations.” 

While SHRAP can currently be used by players to buy in-game cosmetics, which can be used in Shrapnel’s early playtests, in the future SHRAP will facilitate trading of both in-game items and user-generated content.

More generally, Shrapnel has been hailed one of the most prominent blockchain games currently in development, particularly among the titles building on Avalanche, as Ava Labs head of gaming Ed Chang commented, “Shrapnel represents the maturation of quality in web3 gaming.”

Shrapnel’s STX playtests are gradually rolled out via Epic Games Store, with the next three-day STX3 demo running 16th-18th May for anyone who has bought the early access pack. SHRAP tokens can now be purchased via the game’s website.

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