League of Legends officially integrated into Refereum

League of Legends brings over 65 million players to the platform.

League of Legends has become the latest game to integrate into the Livestream rewards platform – Refereum.

The integration of the Multi-Online Battle Arena game brings with it a monthly user-base of over 65 million.

Meanwhile, communities from both will benefit from playing a game and earning cryptocurrency through unlocking achievements and winning matches. For Refereum, it’s the drawing in of one of the largest games to be added to the network.

The CEO of Refereum, Dylan Jones, it represents the continued trend of gamification taking place. “Gamification is happening at all levels of society from behavioral economics, to game theory, neural networks, and artificial intelligence,” Jones argued.

The underlying premise for the platform is the fact that current livestreaming only rewards on a hierarchical basis. “In the streaming world, it meant only the top 1% of streamers getting paid; in affiliate marketing,” Jones continues.

“[I]t was ‘the last click;’ and in gaming, it was quickly becoming a world where only the top players are rewarded. But the truth is that in our ever-connected world, we all matter and we all add value, and we built Refereum to recognize this by fairly sharing rewards.”

While the platform is still in beta phase, users will be able to play and earn points to add to their running total. With the conclusion of the season, these points will be converted to the platform’s native token. This allows the player to redeem them for games on the Refereum platform, or sell them for fiat via a dedicated exchange.

For more information about the platform, visit the website.

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