TeamJOY’s take on Snake with EOSJOY Snake

From gathering and navigating to assassinating rival players

Cocos-BCX is continuing to add to its extending list of use cases in the blockchain gaming space. Team JOY, as one of the development teams that make use of the Cocos platform, has put the latter to use for the creation and launch of its brand new game.

Based on EOS, EOSJOY Snakes is an interesting take on the classic mobile game, with blockchain woven in. Unlike the older iteration, EOSJOY Snakes allows players to collect different colored beans, each corresponding to a particular digital asset.

Green, which indicates the digital currency EOS, while Red represents the games native token, JOY.

The latter, according to the team, provides users with a way to earn dividends from other players.

While the object of the game is to collect as many of these as possible, this takes place in an online, multiplayer setting, giving each user the opportunity to ‘assassinate’ rivals, absorbing their size and score.

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