MegaCryptoPolis introduces new layer to its ‘Microeconomy’

Citizens prove to be an ‘A’ grade addition to any city.

MegaCryptoPolis has gained a significant degree of popularity since its launch, but the team is taking it further. According to its team, it intends to create a whole new ‘microeconomy’ is set to be added on top of its current games mechanics.

This will create a world in which the various buildings that a player owns will become more significant.

“Buildings will become something more than just Influence points generators, surroundings will no longer limit upgrades and district owners will be provided with more control over the economy in their territories.”

An element that is integral to the maturing of this ‘microeconomy’ are the digital citizens. The level of ‘skill’ and roles that these citizens have will impact on the level of profit available to players that own these buildings.

“Citizens with a unique appearance and set of qualifications ranging from Managers top Top Executives will help running operations in MegaCryptoPolis buildings.”

These citizens have the ability to profoundly and positively influence the number of resources extracted, as well as the amount of insurance provided in a fund should emergencies happen.

Pre-sale event

In order to further incentivize early participation from players in this microeconomy, a limited number of these high quality citizens will be available during the pre-sale event for MegaCryptoPolis. The pre-sale is expected to begin in March, with 20,000 of these rare ‘Generation A’ citizens being available throughout.

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