BitGuild announces that Bitizens Expedition will be postponed

The team states that this is in order to bring the best experience to the players


While there has been plenty of new information leaked to users about the new ‘Expedition’ system in Bitizens. The BitGuild team has since announced that the official release of this mode will be postponed, stating the need to ensure it lives up to players expectations.

“We want to give our team the tools and time to develop and deliver a game that is not only fun and innovative but also meets our own and our community’s expectations.”

While this means that the initial release date for this new feature will be backdated, the team has further updates. One of these being some new changes to the GuildChat app which, according to the team, will be undergoing an ‘overhaul.’

The team aims to include a range of new features, including in-app games, an eventual release of a desktop version and mining.

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