EOS-based Unlimited Tower announces collaboration with Chaince Labs

Chaince Labs will be helping to stress test and support Unlimited Tower

Game development on EOS is coming along leaps and bounds in the last few months. One of the newest additions to this still growing medium is Unlimited Tower, which has announced a new partnership with Chaince Labs.

Operating as a subsidiary to the larger, China-based Chaince, which is one of the more commonly known EOS exchange and ecosystems used in the region.

Among those already working alongside the incubator include institutional names such as TripAdvisor, Cushman & Wakefield, and PwC.

What the partnership entails

While these are impressive names to have in your metaphorical back pocket, here’s what this partnership means for Unlimited Tower specifically:

Listing on Chaince Labs

Those projects and products listed on this platform undergo examination by the Chaince Labs team. Allowing them to obtain valuable feedback on how to improve the system before wider distribution.

Support for EOS system resources

Chaince Labs supports EOS system resources including RAM, CPU, and NET, which are used for program testing, smart contract operation, and EOS mainnet airdrop for successful projects only.

Marketing, Technical and Token support

Anything from technical support in way of R&D as well as inspecting all code within the game. The Chaince Labs team also provides support for how a platform/product intends to make use of their digital tokens.

Along with these technical elements, the Chaince team also provides a key role in securing mutually beneficial partnerships with other projects, and offering marketing input and support for a successful launch.

For more information about Unlimited Tower, visit the website.

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