Climbing the Unlimited Tower – an SRPG dApp based on EOS

Unlimited Tower provides an interesting range of variety for players

Being one of the newest games to come to EOS, Unlimited Tower is an SRPG premise. More than just arranging one to five heroes, the game provides players with the potential to array ten characters.

Consisting of one hero, five servants and four monsters, each of these, depending on their appearance, offering skills and abilities in-battle. These can also depend on a number of attributes:

Rarity – 

The rarity of a character will weight heavily on the kind of attributes that monster would have.

  • Common — 51.6%
  • Uncommon- 25.8%
  • Rare — 12.9%
  • Unique — 6.5%
  • Legendary — 3.2%

The rarer the monster, hero or servant, the higher the stats are likely to be.

Stats –

These are ranked on a graded basis from E to S+ ranks, each providing advantages in battle for the characters.

These stats range across Strength, Agility, and Intellect.

For players, there are two modes of play available – Field and Tower stages.

Field Stage

Clearing specific stages through this game mode allows players to earn a range of in-game prizes. These include Unlimited Tower Gold (UTG), as well as various monsters, servants, and items.

Tower Stage

With each Tower, an attacker has to battle against in order to take over. Should a player prove able to overcome the defender, they become the owner and can earn EOS dividends. These dividends wholly depend on the ability to defend the Tower from other attackers.

The longer that players can hold the tower, the more EOS they can earn.

Unlimited Tower and ITAM

Unlimited Tower has announced that it will be partnering up with ITAM Games. The collaboration itself is based on mutual R&D support for fullnode support, authentication, and ITAM Store to achieve the goal of bringing mass adoption of blockchain technology via NFTs and games.

Find out more about the game from the website and its trailer.

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