Block and Chain Studios officially announces release date for BlockFight!

Blockchain enthusiasts can get excited for BlockFight

Some of the biggest problems that game developers face is creating a project that can draw in mainstream users. Block and Chain Studios intends to do this both through the design of its platform, and titles such as BlockFight, the latter of which will be released soon.

Built on top of the HALO platform, BlockFight is one of the flagship titles of the studio. Blending 3D combat with a dice game, players can stake the platform’s digital currency one these battles, while earning trophies and prizes from their victories.

Those interested in testing out the game can do so for free, thanks to the platform’s ability to allow for free-to-play within its titles.

BlockFight game launch giveaway

To get players involved in this new combat title, the Block and Chain team has announced a special giveaway.

For more information on how to participate in this new giveaway, visit the website attached here.

And to find out more about the Block and Chain Studios team and BlockFight, visit the website.

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