Unlimited Tower introduces ‘participation event’ for players

Unlimited Tower has introduced a new way for players to get involved in the game

Blockchain allows for a great number of incentives for players and developers to take shape. For Unlimited Tower, one of these perks is a newly announced ‘participation event’ for active and attentive players.

In summary, players that regularly sign in and play the game can win a range of prizes. From the UTG, the games digital currency, or an array of digital assets like items or heroes. The event itself begun on February 25th and will run until April 1st.

Unfortunately, this promotional event is only available to those that have pre-registered for the game. But for those that consecutively sign into the game, they can win up to 1,800 UTG tokens, 2 random items, 2 servants, 2 monsters, and Gacha tickets.

Find out how you can participate by . visiting the Unlimted Tower Medium page here.

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