Unlimited Tower partners up with EOS Cannon

Unlimited Tower takes aim at the international market with EOS Cannon

Unlimited Tower

Unlimited Tower has steadily been gaining a firm reputation as a stand-out title in the EOS gaming world.

But now, with a number of its collaborative partnerships, it’s taking itself further, as it partners up with EOS Cannon.

Widely known within the Chinese market as one of the more ubiquitous blockchain companies, EOS Cannon will be working to improve Unlimited Towers marketing.

Its own popularity and influence mean that EOS Cannon will be providing the game with marketing as well as consulting support with the ongoing development of the game.

It has also since gained a reputation as an exceptional incubator for promising EOS-based projects. Providing the broader prospect of improving Unlimited Towers community in terms of scale, as well as giving it more exposure both to the domestic Chinese market, but also to the international gaming community.

For more information about Unlimited Tower, visit the website.

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