Will to Live to team up with The Abyss

Will To Live is entering the Abyss

There are few of us that relish in the idea of living through an apocalypse. But when it comes to gameplay, there’s nothing more engaging, and that is what the game Will to Live intends of providing players.

Recently,  the title has announced a new partnership with the decentralized digital asset distribution platform – The Abyss.

While in its early stages of development, Will to Live aims for a Q1 release date, putting it in line with the forecasted release of The Abyss.

The game itself offers all of the unique mechanics that we would expect from the post-apocalypse:

  • Atmospheric MMORPG multiplayer shooter with post-apocalyptic setting;
  • An open world with anomalous zones, and loathsome mutant-like creatures as settlers;
  • Dynamic weather, and day-and-night system;
  • Four different character classes with their unique talents, weaponry and ammunition;
  • Crafting, trading, quests, faction/clan wars for the territories;
  • Raid bosses with unique loot and dungeons;
  • New locations, weapons and armor to open, character talents to develop, production resources to find, and many more.

Check out some of the early footage here.

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