Blockchain games vs. standard games: expert advice from industry insiders [video]

How is a successful blockchain game different from a successful standard game?

Welcome to another of’s video advice panels. How is a successful blockchain game different from a successful standard game? This is the subject of this group discussion which took place at our online conference not long ago.

What is it about blockchain games that truly make them stand out? What are the issues that plague this ever-evolving phenomenon? What happens when or if you go mainstream? Discover these topics and more in this panel of industry insiders which tackles the issue of blockchain games vs. standard games…

The power of community ownership 

At the online conference Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8, Malte Barth (Bitkraft), Bozena Rezab (Gamee), David Kim (, Skirmantas Januškas (DappRadar) and Tony Pearce (Reality Gaming Group) talk about the empowerment of gamers with user-generated content. They discuss the ins and outs of democratisation, as well as the investor’s point of view on blockchain games.

The panel also sheds light on the difference between proof-of-stake vs. proof-of-work when it comes to NFTs. With more and more people itching to give blockchain games a go, the panel shares insights on the different games that are beginner-friendly as newbies try to dabble in NFTs.

The issues and challenges of a blockchain game

Because blockchain-based gaming is still evolving, there are no specific laws regulating them just yet. Developers need to be wary of the backlash of these legal regulations in the near future. The challenge for developers is to figure out how to onboard people without confusing them as well. The UI needs to be smooth and easy to remove any friction for beginners. 

Towards the end of the talk, the panel sheds some light on copycat issues with the rise of open-source games. They also discuss how the blockchain takes a trading system that already exists and makes it more legitimate.

This conference panel is intended for anyone who’s eager to consider the outlook of blockchain gaming. You can watch the video above for more insight into blockchain games vs. standard games – and remember to book your ticket to our next conference.

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