Sustainable play-to-earn games, with Axie Infinity’s Aleksander Larsen [video]

Axie Infinity COO, the Sky Mavis co-founder, Aleksander Larsen talks about the sustainability of play-to-earn games.

Axie Infinity has taken the world by storm, with its digital creatures you breed and battle. But how exactly did the game come to be? What makes the play-to-earn game stand out from other blockchain-based titles, and how sustainable is it in the long run? Find out in this video session where Axie Infinity COO Aleksander Larsen discusses the game’s roots.

A team driven by conviction

At Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #8 (September 2021), Aleksander Larsen, co-founder and chief operating officer of Sky Mavis, the company behind Axie Infinity, talks about starting out in 2018. They weren’t afraid to think long-term. Despite the ups and downs, they knew what they needed to build and had a unique conviction that pushed them forward. He believes that when things are difficult, then that also means that the opportunity is likely there.

He also discusses the importance of the play-to-earn community and the whole player base in 2019. In some ways, he believes that he and his team had a level of naivete. It was the intersection of gaming and new technology at the time, and they didn’t give up despite the challenges.

Sustainability of play-to-earn games

Larsen shares his take on the idea of ownership in the digital space. He relates his own esports history with the world today – people can now truly have internet history that doesn’t disappear.

Still, the Sky Mavis COO also talks about how the Axie Infinity team takes things with a grain of salt. They’ve experienced a boom and bust cycle before. There are still complex regulatory issues that need to be faced, along with grey areas that come with being the market leader.

Towards the end of the session, Larsen shares his thoughts on triple-A developers and the outlook for blockchain-based games. When creating play-to-earn games, are developers prepared to share a portion of their revenue with the player base?

This half-hour talk is ideal for anyone who’s eager to know about the history of Sky Mavis and its Axie Infinity game, which has been hugely influential. Also, it tackles the title’s sustainability as a living, breathing game. It’s a good watch if you’re curious about how a community might react to acquisitions and more. You can see conference panels like this in person by attending our upcoming partner events.

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