Gate NFT showcases fractional NFTs and crowdfunding features

Some of the biggest challenges that come with attempting to invest in NFTs is cost. On average, while the cost of an NFT has slipped down to $2,000 (according to Bloomberg), this is still a highly inaccessible price tag.

To resolve this, Gate NFT has announced the launch of its new range of fractional NFT products, as well as a new, blue-chip NFT crowdfunding function for users.

Similar to fractional shares in the investment market, fractional NFT products aim to offer the same level of flexibility and affordability to those looking to get into the NFT craze. At its core, Fractional NFTs are very friendly towards NFT investors and novices alike – thus opening the door to a broad church of enthusiasts.

Successful subscriptions can enjoy corresponding fractional NFT’s avatar rights, low entry costs, and huge upside and bargain-for-buck equity. It puts you in the club of some of the most prestigious class of NFT collectors.

The first phase of Gate NFT’s fractional NFT selection is MAYC #8016, the number of fractions is 1,000, the price is 18ETH (can be subscribed with USDT), and the cost of each piece is 20USDT. Once the subscription is successful, the subscriber will collect the corresponding share of MAYC #8016 fractional NFT and enjoy its value-added benefits.

This brings us to the second product Gate NFT announced – Blue-chip crowdfunding. What this refers to is an NFT crowdfunding subscription that is available for buyers. Once an NFT is selected, users can participate in crowdfunding for that specific NFT or project by subscribing for a selected amount. If the project achieves its subscription levels within its validity period, the platform, as a whole, buys the NFT and issues fragments to buyers relative to their investment.

In the announcement, the first phase of blue-chip NFT crowdfunding will feature collectables from Mutant Ape Yacht Club – which will launch on June 29th.

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