M&A deals: Animoca buys NinjaStickers

Welcome to our list of all the merges and acquisitions happening in the blockchain game sector.

Top companies

  • Animoca Brands – 9 deals
  • Gemini – 1 deal

September 2020

Animoca Brands has acquired NinjaStickers, which sells officially-licensed assets from MotoGP for an undisclosed sum.

It has already started selling MotoGP NFTs on OpenSea, payable with its REVV token, and also will add similar assets to its Quidd mobile collectible app.

August 2020

Animoca Brands has sold its desktop mining company Gamma to Swedish esports outfit RightBridge Ventures for $1 million in shares.

It originally acquired Gamma for $350,000 in June 2019.

July 2020

Animoca Brands acquires HTML5 game developer GAMEE to enable it to launch blockchain games on web and chat apps (price $4.6 million in shares)

December 2019

Animoca Brands acquires nWay to gain access to its forthcoming platform, which includes a blockchain-based reward system (price $7.7 million, 75% in shares)

November 2019

Winklevoss’ Gemini outfit acquires Nifty Gateway (price not disclosed)

August 2019

Aninmoca Brands acquires mobile digital collection platform Quidd (price $5 million in shares)

June 2019

Animoca Brands acquires desktop mining outfit Gamma (price $350,000 in shares)

April 2019

Animoca Brands acquires Football-Stars dev Stryking (price $1.1 million in shares)

Animoca Brands acquires majority stake in TCG studio Skytree (price $600,000, split half cash, half shares)

August 2018

Animoca Brands acquires The Sandbox developer Pixowl in a $4.9 million deal, 90% in shares

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