Animoca Brands Yat Siu: Are NFT games on a path to major growth?

Yat Siu of Animoca thinks so and suggests that we are only seeing a fraction of NFT games potential

Animoca Brands co-founder Yat Siu recently spoke with Cointelegrapth about NFT games and their future.

Yat Siu firmly believes that NFT games are only in their infancy and we are yet to see anything that utilises their full potential. Siu also states that entirely new gaming models will be developed in the future as a direct result of digital ownership.

Siu commented that “Mobile gaming brought a form factor of a type of game that we’ve never seen before, you know, one-hand play and that kind of stuff, and innovations around how you play with AI. Because of the fact that you have this limited form factor, it became the most popular form factor in gaming”.

Essentially Siu is highlighting the huge growth of mobile gaming since such small beginnings as games such as Snake on the Nokia 6110, but look how far they’ve come. Video games we play on mobiles are now far more complex but that instant accessibility that made Snake a hit continues to make mobile games playable anywhere and thus mobile has become the most popular method of gaming.

However, despite the huge growth in mobile gaming, its importance is often disregarded or its potential misunderstood. Siu thinks that the world of NFT games is on that very same path and its growth boom is yet to come.

More to see from the world of NFTs

Speaking on the potential of NFTs Siu commented “With NFT games, we’ve only really scratched the surface. Everyone’s very focused on ownership. I think it’s going to mushroom into everything and we’re going to see new kinds of game formats emerge because of the ownership that we weren’t able to do before”

Siu also highlighted metaverse gaming and MMO titles as they are ideal models that could work well with NFT integration as players can trade items and have a deeper level of economic design. Siu suggested that although blockchain gaming experiences may not always feel smooth, users are willing to dive in regardless because of the significance of ownership.

And with more new ways to use the technology being dreamed up every day producing a host of new experiences to enjoy and ‘on boarding’ set to get ever easier, the future of NFT in games looks brighter than ever.

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