Using the power of the blockchain to help clean the oceans

A collaborative effort is being made to help these states profit from their ecological transition

The United Nations Climate change conference in Egypt recently took place with a new partnership between NOAH ReGen and Crystalchain being announced. This strategic partnership will see a first-of-its-kind platform leveraging blockchain tech to evaluate and measure the impact of investing in regenerative blue economy projects.

NOAH ReGen is an international group that offers ocean states guidance to tackle ecological transition and explore financial solutions for ocean conservation. French company, Crystalchain specialises in blockchain traceability, granting the ability to offer traceability information on the life cycle of clean projects for stakeholders.

With the oceans as an integral piece of our complex ecosystem, they are responsible for absorbing up to 50% of all fossil fuel-related carbon dioxide emissions and produce over half of the world’s oxygen. Keeping our oceans healthy is not only important to the life living within them but also to our own.

Despite its importance, our oceans are suffering due to pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and massive overfishing which are all harming these delicate ecosystems.

A clearer vision

To help combat these issues NOAH ReGen and Crystalchain believe it is integral to find a financially sustainable way to invest in environmental protection to help ocean nations. Both parties believe that monetising blue carbon credits from public and private carbon sequestration projects is a vital step forward and is a driving force behind this new partnership.

Noah ReGen COO, Julie Wild commented on the project saying, “This disruptive project allows countries and companies to easily prove the quality of their carbon credits, offering a clear and provable vision not just on carbon impact but on all the co-benefits such as biodiversity”.

Crystalchain CEO, Sylvain Cariou also commented on the partnership, “Crystalchain’s team is honoured to have been chosen by Noah ReGen for this project. Our ambition is to continue growing our decarbonisation project portfolio to provide greater reliability to companies who wish to ensure their CSR efforts are effective and trustworthy.” 

The collaborative project is currently in its phase one stage after months of R&D. NOAH ReGen is now looking to welcome a variety of stakeholders to help design and guide the future of the platform.

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