Why ICP-based RTS Cosmicrafts is building fully onchain

Emerging blockchain Internet Computer (aka ICP), has garnered a small but dedicated group of game developers building fully onchain. With MMORPG Dragginz from former Neopets duo Adam and Donna Powell being the most high-profile, a growing number of teams have intentionally chosen ICP for its high speed, low costs and scalability technology.

One of them is a Mexico-based studio led by CEO Omar Hernandez, which is currently preparing for the launch of its fully onchain cross-platform RTS Cosmicrafts. We checked in with Hernandez to learn more about the game.

BlockchainGamer: Can you tell us about the team behind Cosmicrafts, how and why it was founded?

Hernandez: The team behind Cosmicrafts has evolved from a large group of passionate freelance developers, designers, and gaming enthusiasts to a small core dev team. Founded by Omar in 2016, the project aimed to create a multiplatform real-time strategy game that bridges the gap between the desktop giant Starcraft and the mobile sensation Clash Royale

You’re described as an “esports-veteran turned AI enthusiast”. What drew you to web3 gaming?

I ventured into web3 gaming during the 2021 boom of NFTs, DeFi, and emergent titles like Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, and later Axie Infinity. The potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry fascinated me. When I discovered the capabilities of the Internet Computer, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to upgrade Cosmicrafts with the latest technology, offering advanced tech, economy, and security.

Tell us more about Cosmicrafts, and how it stands out from other RTS games?

Cosmicrafts stands out from other RTS games in several key ways. Firstly, it is a true multiplatform game, allowing play on both desktop and mobile devices – an innovation not seen in traditional RTS titles. Additionally, Cosmicrafts integrates a robust web3 economy, being fully on-chain. This means that not only are tokens and NFTs managed via blockchain, but so are player statistics, profiles, and matchmaking, ensuring transparency, security, and true ownership.

In Cosmicrafts, players not only own their assets but also their profiles, and can publicly inspect the smart contracts governing game rules, PVP matchmaking, and reward validation.

Omar Hernandez, Cosmicrafts

The gameplay itself is action-packed and engaging, with updated graphics that enhance the immersive experience. Beyond these features, Cosmicrafts is designed to launch as a DAO, potentially becoming the first game of its kind to be community-governed. This combination of cutting-edge technology, cross-platform accessibility, and dynamic gameplay makes Cosmicrafts a unique and compelling choice in the RTS genre.

What are the benefits of building fully onchain; how does it enhance Cosmicrafts?

Building fully on-chain brings the principles of decentralization and transparency. In Cosmicrafts, players not only own their assets but also their profiles, and can publicly inspect the smart contracts governing game rules, PVP matchmaking, and reward validation. Additionally, they can participate in rule changes through DAO voting and proposals. The Internet Computer’s speed ensures a seamless web2-like experience while maintaining complete blockchain integration.

Why did you choose to build on ICP?

We chose to build on the Internet Computer (ICP) because it offers unparalleled possibilities, allowing us to create anything we envision. ICP stands out for its speed, cost-efficiency, and scalability. Our decision was also strongly influenced by our trust in the DFINITY Foundation and its team, who supported us from the start and continue to do so.

How is the game’s tokenomics designed to balance UA with long-term retention?

We’ve learned from our own and others’ mistakes by launching different web3 versions of the game over the past three years, each with unique tokenomics and player dynamics, and gathering community feedback. We’ve seen the pitfalls of P2E models, like Axie Infinity’s long-term viability issues and Splinterlands‘ pay-to-win dynamics.

Our latest version offers a completely free-to-play experience with play-to-earn capabilities. We’re not aiming for profit but rather experimenting to see where the community takes the web3 economy, aiming to reach as many people as possible and foster a community-owned web3 economy.

What can players expect from the first iteration of Cosmicrafts?

If we talk about previous versions to this one, it represents a significant leap in web3 economy features. Players can expect upgradable NFTs (improved metadata), NFT lootboxes that can be opened for tokens or other NFTs (or transferred), and missions and events to earn tokens, NFTs, or lootboxes. Multiplayer mode is back after years of AI bot experimentation. We’ve also enhanced login options to attract web2 players, integrating Google and other social media logins, along with various blockchain wallets like Metamask, Phantom, and native ICP wallets.

Discover more about Cosmicrafts via its website, and follow the game’s updates on X.

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